Undergraduate, MSc, and MSci Projects

I make a number of Level 4 and MSc project proposals available each year via the student projects system in the School of Computing Science (link available on the Glasgow campus only). I'm happy to supervise any of these projects. If you're interested, then please contact me before applying, and I'll explain the details.

I'm also very keen to work with Level 4 and MSci students to develop projects that suit their interests, provided these also fit (somewhat) with my research interests. Please talk to me in plenty of time if you're interested in such a project, since self-defined projects tend to take several weeks to put together, and this must be done before the project allocation deadline. I'm especially keen to supervise projects relating to networked multimedia transport protocols, Internet routing, or the use of interesting, high-level, languages to implement network protocols. To give an idea of the sort of topics that are of interest, the following are some of the dissertations from MSci projects that I've supervised:

(You will note that the format of the dissertations changed from 2013 onwards, from full-length dissertations to something more closely resembling an academic paper).

My apologies, but I do not generally supervise self-defined projects for taught MSc students.