Summer Internships

I get a large number of requests from students wanting to do a summer internship under my supervision. If you're a Computing Science student at the University of Glasgow, or at another SICSA institution, then I might be able to help. I'm looking for smart, motivated, students who want to work on projects relating to my research interests. Please drop me an email to make an appointment to discuss options and availability of funding. A good time to discuss this would be in March or April of the year in which you want to do the internship (towards the end of Semester 2 or during the Easter vacation, in the Glasgow academic year timetable).

If you are a student elsewhere, then I'm extremely unlikely to be able support your internship unless you have your own funding, a valid work visa, and are introduced by someone I know. Apologies if I don't reply to your enquiry, as I receive dozens of such requests each year.