Talk on Understanding IPTV Performance in Residential Broadband Environments

I gave a talk in the School of Engineering at the University of Aberdeen, on the subject of Understanding IPTV Performance in Residential Broadband Environments.

The last few years have seen an explosion in the popularity of Internet video. Services such as YouTube and the BBC iPlayer provide over-the-top on-demand and catch-up TV services, while many Internet Service Providers offer cable TV replacement services (generally known as IPTV) as part of their standard product bundles. My talk reviewed the architecture of these services, and outlined the differences between the two service models. It then focussed on performance, describing measurements taken to understand the challenges in providing an IPTV service that can replicate the cable TV experience. Existing models for IPTV performance were shown to be inadequate, and a new modelling framework that better reflects real-world network behaviour was be presented.