What does the IRTF Chair do?

4 July 2024

As I will be stepping down as IRTF Chair next year, I thought it useful to attempt to outline the set of tasks the Chair performs, to inform anyone considering standing as my successor. The following is a condensed summary of the IRTF chair's tasks as I see them. See Also RFC 7827 ("The Role of the IRTF Chair") for a more thoughtful, but perhaps less complete, discussion of the role.

Time commitment is likely 20-25% FTE, plus at least 4 long haul trips per year (3x IETF, 1x IAB retreat; possibly others).

Responsible for the IRTF publication stream:

Responsible for managing existing IRTF research groups:

Responsible for chartering new IRTF research groups:

Responsible for closing no-longer relevant/viable IRTF research groups

Maintain awareness of relevant research areas

Chair IRSG:

Support ANRW as Steering Committee Chair:

Maintain IRTF Website

Manage IRTF social media:

Participate as ex-officio member of IAB

Promote diversity of IRTF participants

Manage ANRP:

IRTF Open Meeting:

Attend IETF meetings:

Review and update IRTF process documents, working with IRSG, IETF LLC, Secretariat, and Legal as needed:

Manage code of conduct violations, harassment, etc.