Keynote at VII Workshop Pré-IETF

23 November 2020

I gave a keynote at the VII Workshop Pré-IETF on 23 November 2020, entitled Between Research and Standards: an Introduction to the IRTF ("Entre pesquisa e padrões: uma introdução ao IRTF"). The workshop is a technical-scientific forum to encourage participation from technicians, students and researchers from Latin America and the Caribbean to the IETF.

The abstract for my talk was: "The network research community and the engineers that design, build, and operate the Internet infrastructure often seem to inhabit different worlds. In this talk I’ll argue that both would benefit from further interaction and cooperation, and highlight some of the benefits that come from working at the intersection of research and standards. I’ll introduce the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF), and highlight some opportunities the IRTF provides for researchers to increase the impact of their work by engaging with, learning from, and influencing the Internet standards community." My slides are available:

Between Research and Standards: an Introduction to the IRTF

Along with Anna Brunstrom and Eduardo Morales, I also participated in a panel discussion on "How to develop works and research that fit the IRTF/IETF?" ("Como desenvolver trabalhos e pesquisa que se enquadrem no IRTF/IETF?").