Scottish Networking Event (SCONE) #20

The 20th Scottish Networking Event was held at the University of Edinburgh on 3 September 2018. SCONE is the Scottish Networking Event, an informal gathering of networking and systems researchers in and around Scotland.

Eiko Yoneki talking at the SCONE#20 meeting

The meeting began with a keynote on "Efficient Massive-Scale Graph Processing" by Eiko Yoneki of the University of Cambridge, discussing machine learning and Bayesian auto-tuning for distributed systems used for graph processing.

The remainder of the first session comprised three short talks: Maria Astefanoaei from Edinburgh spoke about "Multi-resolution sketches and locality sensitive hashing for fast trajectory processing", Kin Sum Liu from SUNY Stony Brook, visiting Edinburgh for a summer internship, discussed "Representation Learning in Graph Analysis". Finally Miroslav Bures from the Czech Technical University in Prague, visiting the University of Abertay, spoke on "Model-based Integration Testing Techniques for IoT Systems: Current Challenges and Possible Solutions".

The meeting resumed after a break for coffee and scones with three more short talks. Chaoyun Zhang from Edinburgh discussed mobile traffic forecasting using neural networks, Kyle Simpson from Glasgow discussed machine learning for network intrusion prevention, and Abhirup Ghosh from Edinburgh spoke about "Topological Signatures For Fast Mobility Analysis". The meeting concluded with community discussion and announcements, followed by drinks and dinner.