Post Sockets at the W3C Web5G Workshop

I attended the W3C Workshop on Web5G: Aligning evolutions of network and Web technologies last week, at the GSMA offices in the City of London, to give a talk about the emerging IETF Transport Services framework.

An Architecture for Transport Services

The goal of the workshop was to bring together mobile network operators and vendors; network protocol researchers and standards developers; and web developers, browser vendors, and CDN operators, to discuss the interplay between the upcoming 5G standards, deployments, and business models, advances in network protocols, and developments in web standards. I was asked to speak about developments in transport protocols and APIs in the IETF (slides), while others discussed 5G standards and use cases, alternative network protocols, browser APIs, the immersive web and advances in networking for media, edge compute for 5G, and the role of machine learning in optimizing web applications and networks.