Post Sockets at IETF 101

We've recently submitted two new drafts to the IETF, outlining a proposed Transport Services architecture and associated API, along with a third draft giving some implementation guidance. These drafts represent the merger of the ideas from our Post Sockets proposal, the EU NEAT project, and the Socket Intents project at TU-Berlin. They will be presented in the TAPS working group session at IETF 101 in London, on 21 March 2018.

At our recent meeting in Cambridge, the Post Sockets cabal, members of the EU NEAT project, and the Sockets Intents group from TU-Berlin, started work on a unified proposal for an IETF transport services architecture. The drafts we've just submitted present the initial realisation of this work. There are undoubtedly many rough edges and open issues remaining, but we believe they provide a solid basis for future transport protocol evolution, and an abstract programming interface that's suitable for the needs of modern networked applications. Tommy Pauly, Brian Trammell, and Anna Brunstrom will present these drafts in the Transport Services (TAPS) working group at IETF 101, where they'll be considered for adoption as working group items.