Updated Post Sockets draft submitted to IETF

We've submitted an updated version of the Post Sockets draft (draft-trammell-taps-post-sockets-01) to the IETF. This follows from discussions in a side meeting at the 99th IETF meeting in Prague earlier in the summer, and aligns the draft with our paper at the IFIP Networking workshop on the Future of Internet Transport.

The Post Sockets cabal meeting at IETF 99 in Prague

The most significant technical addition in this version of the draft is support for handling content of indeterminate length. Messages may be marked as Complete or Partial on sending, and this is reflected in the way the contents are framed by the underlying transport protocol. Complete and partial messages are similarly distinguished in the receiver APIs. Protocols, such as a raw TCP stream, that don't provide framing will receive a single Message in pieces using the Partial Message API, and that Message will only be marked as complete when the connection is closed. Higher level protocols, e.g., HTTP over TCP, can provide framing allowing a sequence of complete messages to be received.

This version of the draft also expands the implementation considerations section, and adds discussion of associations that exist without a carrier (for example, to maintain a cache of server public keys and identity data between connections).