Post Sockets at IETF 97

I gave a presentation on Transport Services for Low-Latency Real-Time Applications to the TAPS working group at IETF 97 in Seoul, South Korea, on 26 November 2017. This discussed our recently submitted Internet-draft of the same name, which describes the set of transport services required by low-latency, real-time applications, derived from the needs of the applications, rather than from the current capabilities of the transport layer.

The talk and Internet-draft review the needs of low-latency real-time applications, such as telephony, video conferencing, and video streaming, and from these needs derive a corresponding set of transport services, i.e., protocol components, that are needed by these applications. This is essentially interpreting the results of our recent IRTF ANRW paper in a form appropriate for the IETF standards community.

Brian Trammell was scheduled to give a talk on Post Sockets: a way to think about the world after sockets at the same meeting, but this was greatly curtailed due to lack of time. The goal was to outline our Post Sockets work, and solicit feedback from the working group. There was general agreement that while Post Sockets, and our requirements work, was not yet ready for adoption as an IETF working group item, it is of interest to the TAPS group.