RTP Media Congestion Avoidance Techniques (RMCAT) BoF at IETF 84

A birds-of-a-feather (BoF) session on RTP Media Congestion Avoidance Techniques was held at the 84th IETF meeting in Vancouver on 2 August 2012. I co-chaired this BoF with Michael Welzl from the University of Oslo.

The agenda was as follows:

13:00 Introduction (Chairs)
13:05 Problem statement (Alvestrand)
13:25 Context: IAB/IRTF congestion control workshop (Welzl)
13:35 Context: buffer bloat and AQM (Gettys)
13:45 Context: competing traffic (Mathis)
13:55 Potential solutions: rrtcc (Alvestrand)
14:00 Potential solutions: dflow (O'Hanlon)
14:05 Proposed charter (Chairs)
14:15 Discussion  
14:50 Wrap-up and next steps (Chairs/ADs)
15:00 Close  

An audio recording and minutes of the BoF are available.