Circuit Breakers for Multimedia Congestion Control

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Proceedings of the 20th International Packet Video Workshop, San Jose, CA, USA, December .


Real-time multimedia flows comprise a large, and increasing, fraction of the traffic on the Internet. An important subset of that traffic, primarily due to interactive applications, runs over UDP/IP, and requires applications to implement congestion control to ensure the stability of the network. The IETF is developing congestion control algorithms for such uses as part of the new WebRTC standards, but there is no standard algorithm that can be used at this time. We do not propose a congestion control algorithm. Rather, we propose a circuit breaker for RTP sessions that can detect when an application is causing excessive network congestion, and shut down the transmission. This can be used as an envelope within which congestion control algorithms can operate, providing a safety net to prevent congestion collapse. We present the RTP circuit breaker algorithm, and provide an initial performance evaluation to show that it performs as desired.

Download: singh2013circuitbreaker.pdf