A New Markov Model for Dependability and Temporal Evaluation of Hard Real-Time Systems


Proceedings of the 7th European Simulation Symposium, Erlangen, Germany, October .

We present a new reliability model for hard real-time systems. This model uses a generic high-level formalism based upon a Markov chain with a lattice structure which represents the progress of a computation, allowing \emph{both} functional and time correctness of the system to be modelled. This is an improvement on traditional system reliability models which typically focus on functional correctness, and do not adequately model the temporal properties of such systems. We provide an example of the application of this model to a recovery block system, and show that a number of important metrics may readily be derived from these results. We note an unusual feature of the failure profile data, from which we hope to derive measures of the independence of the alternates in a recovery block system.

Download: ESS-95.pdf