IRTF activities co-located with IETF 108

3 August 2020

The IETF 108 meeting was originally planned for Madrid, from 27-31 July 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the meeting was held as an online-only event. Seven of the IRTF research groups and the ACM/IRTF Applied Networking Research Workshop (ANRW) met co-located the IETF meeting, and three Applied Networking Research Prizes were awarded.

The IRTF currently has 14 active research groups and no proposed research groups. Of these, seven research groups met co-located with IETF 108. Some highlights of the work include:

Two side meetings, on 6G-and-IP and on Future Internet Protocol Evolution, discussed topics that might form the basis of future IRTF work. Both are at an early stage, and currently lack the focus needed to form research groups.

ANRW 2020 Logo

The ACM/IRTF Applied Networking Research Workshop was held co-located with the IETF 108 meeting. This is an academic workshop that provides a forum for researchers, vendors, network operators, and the Internet standards community to present and discuss emerging results in applied networking research, and to find inspiration from topics and open problems discussed at the IETF.

The ANRW programme included eight full papers and five shorter position papers. The full papers discussed privacy-aware DNS zone transfers, limiting the power of RPKI certificate authorities, describing and parsing protocol data, network stack testing, the impact of network pathologies on TCP, packet scheduling in L4S networks, debugging QUIC, and IP geolocation. Position papers discussed measuring inbound source address filtering, filtering routing announcements, programmable inter-domain routing, information exposure with ALTO, and traffic engineering. The online-only forum gave the opportunity to schedule the workshop more closely with relevant IETF working group sessions, and as a result there was some good discussion and interaction between the researchers and the standards community.

The ANRW 2021 will take place in July 2020 co-locating with IETF 111, hopefully in San Francisco.

Finally, three Applied Networking Research Prize (ANRP) awards were made, to Shehar Bano for her work to develop a taxonomy of Internet host liveness, Chaoyi Lu for his work on measuring DNS-over-encryption, and Ingmar Poese for his work on traffic engineering. Nominations for the 2021 Applied Networking Research Prize will open in September 2020.