CFP: IAB Workshop on Analysing IETF Data

Please consider submitting a paper to the IAB workshop on Analysing IETF Data. The workshop is organised by the Internet Architecture Board, and will be held online in the week starting 29 November 2021. Submissions are due on 29 September 2021.

The IETF as an international Standards Developing Organization hosts diverse data on the history, development, and current activities in the development and standardization of Internet protocols and its institutions. A large portion of this data is publicly available, yet this data is arguably underutilized as a tool to inform the work in the IETF and research on topics like Internet governance and trends in ICT standard-setting.

This workshop aims to enable engineers and researchers alike to mine the IETF’s data sources in order to explore trends through the analysis of IETF data, such as email archives, I-Ds, RFCs, and the datatracker. This work can be used to derive insights into the inner workings of the process of standardization, participation, and governance. This workshop aims to bring together people who have already analysed IETF data, those who are interested in the analysis of IETF data, and those who are interested in the results of such analysis as input for improvement of the IETF’s work.

We invite the research community, IETF participants, and others with an interest in the data collected by the IETF, its protocols, and participants, to submit a contribution to the workshop. Furthermore, we also welcome participants who are interested in the analysis that could be performed based on this data as well as those contributing considerations regarding future collection and handling of IETF data.

Possible avenues for explorations include, but are not limited to:

People interested in participation are requested to submit short position papers (500-1000 words). The paper can cover one or multiple of the following points, but this list should not be considered exhaustive:

The papers will form the basis for planning and discussion during the first day of the workshop, but most of the activity during the event is expected to comprise a hackathon and code development, with the goal of building new tools and new collaborations.

The workshop will be invitation-only. The organizers will decide whom to invite based on the submissions received. Therefore, please indicate your interest by submitting a research proposal by September 29, 2021 to aid-workshop-pc@iab.org.

The Program Committee members are Niels ten Oever (chair, University of Amsterdam), Colin Perkins (chair, IRTF, University of Glasgow), Corinne Cath (chair, Oxford Internet Institute), Mirja Kühlewind (IAB, Ericsson), Zhenbin Li (IAB, Huawei), Wes Hardaker (IAB, USC/ISI).