Poor Man's Content Centric Networking (with TCP)

Pasi Sarolahti, Jörg Ott, Karthik Budigere, and Colin Perkins

Technical Report Aalto-ST 5/2011, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland, March 2011.

A number of different architectures have been proposed in support of data-oriented or information-centric networking. Besides a similar visions, they share the need for designing a new networking architecture. We present an incrementally deployable approach to content-centric networking based upon TCP. Content-aware senders cooperate with probabilistically operating routers for scalable content delivery (to unmodified clients), effectively supporting opportunistic caching for time-shifted access as well as de-facto synchronous multicast delivery. Our approach is application protocol-independent and provides support beyond HTTP caching or managed CDNs. We present our protocol design along with a Linux-based implementation and some initial feasibility checks.

Download: Aalto_W_ST_5_2011_Sarolahti_Ott_Budigere_Perkins_e-versio.pdf