Scottish Networking Event (SCONE) #21

The 21st Scottish Networking Event was held at the University of Glasgow on 12 March 2019. SCONE is the Scottish Networking Event, an informal gathering of networking and systems researchers in and around Scotland.

The keynote speaker at the meeting was Blesson Varghese from Queen's University Belfast, who spoke about decentralised edge computing and the complexities in managing resources at the edge of the network by accounting for context-aware offloading and multi-tenancy.

Matthew Chalmers from the University of Glasgow spoke briefly about the Human Data Interaction Network, announcing that it has open calls to provide research funding. Then, Iain Learmonth from the Tor project gave a talk on how to safely measure the Tor network while maintaining anonymity. Tariq Elahi from the University of Edinburgh also discussed enabling visibility into sensitive environments to enhance security and privacy, again with a focus on measuring the Tor network. Finally, in the first session, Donald Robertson from St Andrews discussed fairness in DASH-style streaming video applications.

Following a break for tea and scones, the second half of the meeting started with an update from Jeremy Singer on the new operating systems textbook he's writing on Operating Systems Foundations With Linux on the Raspberry Pi. Valentin Radu spoke about applications of deep learning to multimodal wearables, Hanan Hindy discussed intrusion detection, Fox Foster told us about experiences with a 5G testbed, and Janis Wong discussed data interoperability and the GDPR.

It was an excellent meeting, with a great mix and talks and discussion. The next meeting will be held in St Andrews in September/October 2019, following the Cosener's MSN workshop earlier in the summer.