Modelling and Analysis of Networked and Distributed Systems

I attended the SICSA workshop on Modelling and Analysis of Networked and Distributed Systems at the University of Stirling on 17 June 2010. The aim of the workshop was to bring together researchers in computer networking and formal methods, with the hope of identifying areas of mutual interest, and encouraging joint research.

Most interesting, from my point of view, was Tim Griffin's invited talk on Exploring the Stratified Shortest Paths Problem, describing how we can start to bring some mathematical rigour to our understanding of Internet routing, and begin to analyse systems, such as BGP, that compute locally optimal paths based on policy. Also worthwhile were the talks on stochastic process algebras by Vashti Galpin and Jane Hillston, and Mario Kolberg's discussion of problems simulating large-scale peer-to-peer systems.

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