Post Sockets at IETF 102

The Post Sockets cabal met at IETF 102 in Montreal in July 2018. We gave several presentations to the TAPS working group, to review the status of the Transport Services Architecture drafts, and also held a side meeting to discuss next steps.

Tommy Pauly presented the the TAPS architecture draft, Brian Trammell reviewed the API, and Anna Brunstrom discussed the implementation. The API has been updated to reorganise the parameters and options, to clarify the security properties, state machine, and ordering of events, and to make some updates around sending and receiving of partial messages. The architecture draft has changes around connection racing and the equivalence of various protocols. The implementation is a minor update to align with the other drafts.

We also met following the TAPS working group meeting, to review the outcomes of the working group meeting and to discuss the parameters and options that should be made available in the TAPS API. The Post Sockets cabal are not morning people, especially on the Thursday of an IETF week, so this was a more subdued meeting than some, but we made some good progress understanding the parameters and options needed.

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