Transport Services for Low-Latency Real-Time Applications

I gave a presentation on Transport Services for Low-Latency Real-Time Applications to the TAPS working group at IETF 97 in Seoul, South Korea, on 26 November 2017. This discussed our recently submitted Internet-draft of the same name, which describes the set of transport services required by low-latency, real-time applications, derived from the needs of the applications, rather than from the current capabilities of the transport layer.

The talk and Internet-draft review the needs of low-latency real-time applications, such as telephony, video conferencing, and video streaming, and from these needs derive a corresponding set of transport services, i.e., protocol components, that are needed by these applications. This is essentially interpreting the results of our recent IRTF ANRW paper in a form appropriate for the IETF standards community.

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