Performance Analysis of AL-FEC for RTP-based Streaming Video to Residential Users

Martin Ellis will present our paper on Performance Analysis of AL-FEC for RTP-based Streaming Video to Residential Users at the 19th International Packet Video workshop in Munich, May 2015.

Streaming video and IPTV applications, targeting residential customers, are highly sensitive to packet loss, which can disrupt the video quality. This packet loss can be caused by congestion within the residential ISP or elsewhere within the core of the network, or by problems with the edge link. As we have previously studied, performance of residential network links can differ from backbone network performance, so it is important to evaluate the impact of these links of video quality.

To achieve acceptable user experience for these applications, numerous application-layer forward error correction (AL-FEC) schemes have been proposed. In this paper, we evaluate some of the FEC schemes developed as part of the OpenFEC project, using packet loss traces of IPTV-like traffic measured on ADSL and Cable links. We consider the effectiveness of these schemes in correcting the loss patterns present on residential links, explain why performance is different using measured loss traces compared with previous simulations using uniform random packet loss, and give recommendations for the use of FEC in streaming video applications deployed to residential Internet users.

This paper uses a modified version of the OpenFEC eperftool, version 1.2.2. The required modifications can be found in this patch.

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