Virtual RTCP: A Case Study of Monitoring and Repair for UDP-based IPTV Systems

Alejandra Soni García, Jörg Ott, Martin Ellis, and Colin Perkins

Proceedings of the 19th International Packet Video Workshop, Munich, Germany, May 2012. Best student paper.


IPTV systems have seen widespread deployment, but often lack robust mechanisms for monitoring the quality of experience. This makes it difficult for network operators to ensure that their services match the quality of traditional broadcast TV systems, leading to consumer dissatisfaction. We present a case study of virtual RTCP, a new framework for reception quality monitoring and reporting for UDP-encapsulated MPEG video delivered over IP multicast. We show that this allows incremental deployment of reporting infrastructure, coupled with effective retransmission-based packet loss repair.

Download: pv2012-virtual-rtcp.pdf